There are quite a few reasons for someone soundproofing their vinyl flooring. Maybe the sound of the floor creaking is a bit bothersome to you, or perhaps you don’t want to bother your downstairs neighbors with incessant noise. Whatever the case may be, your endgame is to get rid of the sound altogether. Soundproofing your vinyl flooring Hazleton PA is not a complicated endeavor. Follow these steps to ensure that your flooring is properly soundproofed. 

The Basics of Soundproofing Vinyl Flooring

When you are soundproofing any part of your home, you need to determine the type of sound that needs to be addressed. Typically speaking, there are two kinds of noises for which floor soundproofing is needed:

  • Airborne Noise: Sounds that are carried through the air are colloquially referred to as airborne noise. Examples of this include dogs barking, lawn mowing in the neighborhood, neighbors blasting loud music, and much more. The good news is that many of these sounds are easier to insulate as gaps need to be sealed to curb all noise. 
  • On-impact noise/Structure borne noise: These noises are created when a direct impact is made on a body, like an object that collides with a wall, or from walking on a floor with sound that permeates into the ceiling of the floor of your downstairs neighbors. Structure borne noise is harder to contain than airborne noise.

Methods for Soundproofing your Vinyl Flooring

Soundproofing your vinyl flooring Hazleton PA is certainly feasible when the right preparation is executed. The first step of the process involves using a soundproofing underlayment before you lay out the actual vinyl. You must begin by applying the acoustic underlayment to the subfloor, then apply the vinyl flooring above that. If the vinyl is already down, you can either pull it up to apply the vinyl flooring underlay or you can put carpet over it. When you are ready to soundproof the floor, make sure you have secured plenty of underlayment before beginning the process. The highly-recycled rubber acts as an ample sound barrier and fits well with any floor material. It is safe to handle, easy to install, and will be noise-free upon completion! Additionally, the recycled rubber sound barrier complements most vinyl flooring materials and provides better soundproofing options than other methods. 

Soundproofing your Vinyl Flooring Hazleton PA: Tabla Supply

You can achieve maximum floor noise proofing if you employ the above-mentioned methods. But always remember, there is more to great noise control than soundproofing the floor. The ceiling, walls, and even your doors, pipes, and windows need to be evaluated as well. Tabla Supply will provide our consumers with the appropriate flooring underlayment to make this happen! The project can be fun and purposeful, if you utilize the correct tactics of soundproofing. If you have any specific questions about how to install any of our products or which products are best for application, contact us today! We would be more than happy to provide assistance for your next home improvement project.