We have the ultimate solution for you if you’re sick of gazing at boring, uninteresting walls: stacked stone! 

Any room in your house can benefit from the addition of dimension and personality simply by utilizing a stacked stone wall. What’s more, it’s possible for you to complete the installation yourself.

Step-by-Step DIY Installation of a Stacked Stone Feature Wall

Before we get started and dive into all the steps on how to achieve a superior installation of stacked stones from a hardware store in Hazleton PA for your feature wall, you need to be clear first on how much product you’ll need.

You do not want to get to the middle of the job only to learn that you don’t have as many ledger panels as needed to finish it. Calculating the entire surface area where the stone tiles will be laid is a crucial step in determining how many stone tiles will be required for the project.

To acquire an estimate of the number of wall panels you’ll need, first multiply the height by the width of each wall, and then add the resulting products together. 

In order to guarantee that you have the appropriate panels to suit all interlocking cuts, you should always place an order for 10 percent more than you believe you will need, regardless of the amount that you calculate.

Clean the Area and Seal It

First things first, clear up the space that will become the prominent wall in your room. After that, go around the perimeter and seal with a silicon product. Remove any extra silicon using a pole stick to scrape off the excess.

Combine the Primer and Water

In a bucket, combine the primer and the water. It is crucial that you carefully study the enclosed instructions in order to determine the appropriate ratio of water to primer.

Start Priming the Surface

Now, using either a paintbrush or a roller, apply the primer to the area. Make sure that the entire substrate is covered, and then let it dry for a couple of minutes or what’s recommended in the package.

Dry-Stack the First Row 

Natural stone is used in the construction of stacked stone, which results in color, texture, and width differences. 

Therefore, prior to using any glue, you should dry-lay your first row on the wall in order to assist you in determining the desired appearance.

Take Measurements and Make Cuts to the Ends of the Stacked Stones

After you have dry laid the first row, there is a good chance that there will be a small gap found at the end of the row. 

Utilizing the measuring tools at your disposal, take some measures of the area, and then apply those measurements to a stacked stone. Next, chisel away the excess stone. After that, test its viability by inserting it into the opening.

Blend the Adhesive Together

In a bucket, combine the powdered adhesive and the liquid until the mixture reaches the consistency of toothpaste. 

It is important that you carefully follow the directions in order to obtain the appropriate ratios.

Put Silicon on the Benchtop’s Back

Take out the dry-laid row. Apply silicone bead at the benchtop’s back portion. This will aid in sealing the benchtop to the first stone row.

Use the Adhesive

Get out your trowel and begin applying the first layer of adhesive onto the base of the wall. Use an amount sufficient to cover the first few rows of the stacked stone wall.

Attach the Stones to the Adhesive

The first row should now be placed on the adhesive. Apply more adhesive onto the feature wall as you’re working your way up. 

Don’t bother about properly aligning the joins when creating overlaps; it usually looks better off-center. Just place the stone as naturally as you can.

Trim the Topmost Row to Size

There will almost certainly be an uneven area left for your last and final row when you reach the topmost part of the wall. 

Utilizing an angle grinder, cut the stone pieces to the height of the available space. After that, you can lay the final row of stones!

Check Out Tabla Supply Hardware Store in Hazleton PA

If you have access to high-quality materials from a hardware store in Hazleton PA, installing a stacked stone wall on the interior and/or exterior of your home should not be challenging. 

The installation is essentially the same for everything from stacked stone entryways to stacked stone backsplashes.

Are you prepared to start your new DIY project? Search Tabla Supply’s extensive stacked stone collection to find the wall stones you want to beautify your walls or contact us for assistance!