Whether it’s a complete kitchen renovation or you’re just undertaking an update on your cabinets on your own, installing new hardware you got from a hardware store in Hazleton PA is the perfect way to put the final touches on the room. 

You can quickly give your kitchen a facelift by switching out the hardware, or you can finish off your newly installed vanity in the bathroom with drawer pulls. 

You only need a few pointers to help you get started and have the confidence necessary to tackle this undertaking head-on. You are now only a few moments away from finishing your new project!

Choose the Kind of Cabinet Hardware

This is important. You need to make a decision on the kind of cabinet hardware that you want before you can get started with the installation. That decision will be whether or not you want to utilize knobs, pulls, or both. 

You want the cabinets to provide the illusion of being done by professionals but more importantly, you’d want to ensure you can make use of them. 

After all, it serves no purpose to have a cabinet that has an attractive knob, but the knob is positioned in such a way that it’s challenging to access or open the door.

Learn the Tried-and-True (Often Unspoken) Design Rules

Do you prefer the look and feel of your space to be more traditional or more modern? The manner in which you respond to this inquiry will determine the style of knobs or pulls that are perfect for you.

Pull handles give a space an old-fashioned appearance and feel. They come in a few different forms, among which is the bin pull.

Traditional pull handles available in a hardware store in Hazleton PA may also have smooth, rounded edges and typically have tiny features added to the handlebar. An appearance that is more traditional is often achieved by using a hue that is dark bronze, dark brass, or rust. 

As an additional option for achieving a semi-modern look in your design, you may think about combining pulls and knobs. If a totally contemporary environment is what you’re going for, then streamlined pulls in every room are an excellent choice for you.

Decide on the Hardware Placement 

The following is a list of four distinct applications for pulls and knobs that can be used on cabinet drawers and doors:

  • Pulls on Lowers and Knobs on Uppers: You can mix and match the knobs and pulls, depending on the style of cabinetry you have chosen; simple knobs are the best choice for doors made of clear glass. 
  • Handle Pulls on the Drawers and Knobs on Doors: This often allows for easier use and access to the contents of cabinets. This is especially important if any of the drawers will be used to store heavy objects. 
  • All Pulls: Handle pulls provide a more streamlined appearance, are easy to hold, and may be installed in either the vertical or horizontal orientation. 
  • All Knobs: A set of knobs is an option that is simple to install and does not consume a significant amount of space on cabinetry.

Pre-Drill the Cabinets

You have several choices if you’re working with preexisting holes or hardware. The most straightforward solution is to find a replacement part with the same center-to-center measurement (the space in between two screw holes for installing each side of the drawer pull), and mount type. 

If not, either obtain new hardware with the exact center-to-center measurement, or you can get a wider size to hide the existing holes.

Using a measuring tape and your jig template, you can drill your own holes. Find the midpoint of the cabinet’s door using the measuring tape and make a pencil mark such that it forms a crosshair with a horizontal line on the cabinet face. 

A pre-drilled hole can be marked by aligning the crosshair with the jig’s hole. After you’ve double- and even triple-checked the mark for your drill hole, go to the next piece of cabinetry. 

The higher cabinets should be installed with hardware first, followed by the bottom ones, and a level should be used to make sure all holes and hardware are even.

Note: It’s best to start with the small drill bit when making a hole. If you start drilling into the cabinet, you can’t stop. Drilling through the cabinet without causing splintering on the reverse side is easier with a smaller bit; to be safe, cover the designated area with a piece of masking tape first.

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Adding new cabinet hardware is a simple and easy way to update your kitchen’s appearance. Do you want answers to your questions or concerns on cabinet hardware installation?

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