Picking the right materials for your countertops can be an intimidating task. Your options could seem limitless at times, each with their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. Just like any other home improvement project, your decisions are contingent on preference and budget. With many choices available, it’s not always clear on how you should start. Some of the most popular countertop choices among homeowners are quartz and granite, but in more recent times, quartz countertops in Hazleton PA seem to be overtaking granite as the prime choice. The advantages of quartz countertops over granite may seem evident for some, but others may need a little more convincing on what makes it so special.

What is the difference between Quartz Countertops vs Granite Countertops?

Before we begin, we would be remiss if we did not shed light on the basics of these countertop materials. Granite is a natural stone material that is mined, milled and polished to create slabs and tiles. Granite is wide-ranging in its colors and patterns and there are no two granite countertops that are exactly alike, as nature does not repeat itself.  Alternatively, Quartz is not completely natural. It’s a mixture that consists of 95% ground natural stone and 5% polymer resins. Simply put, this is an engineered stone as opposed to a natural one. But how exactly is an engineered stone more advantageous than natural stone? Here are the advantages of quartz countertops over granite. 

#1- Quartz is easier to maintain than Granite

If you want a countertop solution that is void of continual maintenance, quartz could be exactly what you need. As a non-porous stone, it is heat-resistant, stain-resistant, and bacteria-free. With this countertop style, you can expect a high level of durability without any sealant. Unlike granite, which needs to be re-sealed every so often to maintain against hot pans, spills and dirty hands. An easy to clean countertop is a homeowner’s dream. With quartz, there is no need to worry about the sealer compromising, and you can easily use any disinfectant wipe or solution to clean your countertops. Just remember this–regardless of what the material is, always place a pot holder or something like it underneath hot pots and pans before placing them on your countertops. Quartz may be heat-resistant, but it is not heat-proof.

#2- Repairs are easier

Because of its uniformity, repairs for quartz countertops in Hazleton PA are much easier. While it is highly unlikely that your quartz countertop will chip, in the event that it does, replacing the broken piece is relatively simple. 

#3- It’s more environmentally sound

Granite is mined out of the ground and is transported long distances, so it does not exactly have the best imprint on the environment. With quartz, it can be created and sourced from local and recycled materials, making it a more environmentally-friendly option. 

#4- Less maintenance

As mentioned earlier, granite has to be resealed pretty often. It’s also important to clean it daily to avoid staining and to maintain longevity. Quartz requires no sealant nor does it need any type of special care. 

#5- Ability to mimic any material

Quartz can seamlessly mimic the look of other stones. So if you are truly enthralled by the look of granite or marble, but prefer the advantages of quartz, quartz will give you the best of both worlds. Its level of complexity and depth is something that not many other materials can mimic.

Provider of Quartz Countertops in Hazleton PA | Tabla Supply

Once you get a chance to see how resilient and aesthetically pleasing quartz is, you will quickly understand why so many homeowners are making the switch. From eco-friendly production to durability and ease with maintenance, quartz countertops are an exceptional choice for your home. As a provider of home-improvement supplies, Tabla Supply has an extensive collection of quartz countertops in Hazleton PA for anyone that is ready to make the switch. If you are ready to move forward with your next design project, contact us today or visit our shop to browse our extensive inventory.