Travertine is a beautiful stone that any homeowner can reap the benefits from. It’s durable, safe, practical, and able to withstand even the most sporadic of conditions. All of these defining characteristics and more are what you should consider when using travertine pavers in your home or backyard. Let’s check out 6 ways to include travertine pavers in your design projects in Hazleton PA.

#1- Travertine Pavers for Outdoor Kitchens

An outdoor kitchen space is a great alternative to your conventional kitchen, especially if you are cooking foods with pungent odors or are frequently hosting a hodgepodge of guests at your abode. If this is your case, it would make sense if you want the space to have more personal flair and sophistication. Travertine pavers will do just that. They are ideal for high traffic areas and are sealed to prevent occurrences in the kitchen, like spills. Doing this will also protect the travertine from stains. 

#2- Retaining Walls

For anyone that wants to mitigate erosion on a hilly terrain, a retaining wall can be made from stacking varying sizes of travertine pavers. They work so well because of the porous surface.

#3- Stepping Stones

Whether you are trying to create a backyard feature adorned with stepping stones or if you want to use them to direct visitors around your home, these pavers will get the job done. Stepping stones come in many sizes. From larger options like 800×400 m, or smaller ones like 600×400 m, anything is possible for any project.

#4- Wall Cladding

Anyone vying for that colosseum look in their home, why not add this feature in the back or front yard of your home? Travertine is near perfect for wall cladding because it’s simple to seamlessly recreate historic walls and make your outdoor space more vivacious.

#5- Step Treads And Capping

Step treads and capping could be the nice finishing touch you didn’t know you needed. We all appreciate consistency, and there is nothing more compelling than a design that is pristine and consistent across the board. These types of finishes provide a beautiful, clean, and lavish finish for your travertine home renovation project. 

#6- Travertine Pavers For the Outdoors

Outdoor pavers could be a great add-on for homeowners who habitually host guests on their property. We recommend looking into tumbled finish pavers for outdoor spaces. Doing so will stay true to the raw and rustic aesthetic, which is useful for masking unwanted dirt and debris. Additionally, it eliminates the hassle of cleaning and maintaining your floors. But, arguably the biggest benefit of them all is their cost-efficiency (for stone pavers). 

Provider Of Travertine Pavers in Hazleton PA: Tabla Supply

When it’s all said and done, you will better understand why travertine has been such a coveted material for several years. It’s full of character and warmth, and makes your spaces that much more inviting. If you are in need of travertine pavers Hazleton Pa, Tabla Supply has you covered. Our wide selection will give you the opportunity to tap into your uninhibited creative freedom. Contact us today to learn more about our inventory!